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Office Moving Checklist

Oct 7


Our work habits have changed dramatically. More businesses are looking at different workspaces to accommodate remote workers and hybrid work. You want to minimize disruption when moving your office with professional movers in north york. Planning, preparation, and communication are essential when moving to a serviced or coworking office. Moving offices can be a difficult task. However, there are steps that you can take to make things run as smoothly as possible. This guide will help you move your office smoothly.

Step-by-Step Office Moving Checklist


First things first

After you have decided to move, take the first steps. This should be done 12-18 months prior to your move date.

Examine your lease agreement for commercial property. Your deposit may be forfeited if you leave before the due date. You could also be held responsible for any damage or breakages to the space during the move. Be sure to be informed


Consider your company's sustainability and growth requirements when choosing a space. Consider your tech needs and workspace design, as well as how they will benefit you and your employees.

There are many office moving companies in Toronto that can help you move your office with no stress and damage.

Plan your office move

It is crucial to have a well-planned office move plan, regardless of whether you are moving to a new phone system or switching offices.

  • You should create a schedule to plan your office move with dates and deadlines for when new technology and systems will be installed.


  • Assess your new location to ensure you are familiar with its IT capabilities, facilities, and utilities.


  • You can blueprint your office space, as well as the changes that you might need to your IT infrastructure and fixtures.


  • Think about how moving your office will impact any projects that you may have.



It's crucial to inform both internal and external parties about your relocation once you have confirmed the date.


Notify your current landlord/property manager and give formal notice

Notify all team members of the new office address and moving date. You might also wish to explain why the move is being made, what the benefits are to your team member, and any changes that it may cause in their day-to-day lives.

Create a master listing of all the people you need to change your address to

Prior to the meeting, ensure that all members of your team know their responsibilities.


Create a task checklist for your project

A plan is essential for any office move. An office move that is not done well can result in a lot of problems and even a loss of revenue. You can avoid frustrations among staff members, missed invoices, and damage to customer relations by taking the time to plan ahead and strategizing your business move.

Set a realistic timeline, and follow it

A reasonable timeline should be established, with clear deadlines and the assignment of specific tasks to project members. Don't miss deadlines. The more you can tick the boxes early, the easier it will be to move day (and all the weeks that precede it).